Warrant of Execution

£90 exclusive of Court Fee

A Warrant of Execution is a request for the County Court bailiff to attend at the tenant’s premises to seize and sell the tenant’s belongings at auction. The money raised (less the auctioneer’s fees) will be paid back to you. If the Judgment debt is more than £5,000 the Warrant must be enforced in the High Court.

The bailiff cannot force entry into a residential property. However, if a window is left open or the door is unlocked, he can enter the premises under the Warrant of Execution. The bailiff cannot seize essential items such as clothing or bedding, nor can he seize any item that is leased from a third party.

In many instances, the tenant will pay off the arrears once the bailiff actually turns up on their doorstep.

There are other means of enforcement available such as Oral Examination and Warrant of Delivery. These methods are not always an effective way to recover your money.